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With global competitiveness posing a real threat to business, the onus is on industry to become smarter and more responsive through the appointment of highly effective project management personnel. Our BSc Project Management is designed in close collaboration with professional in the field to meet the project control and management needs of industry locally, regionally and nationally.


This course encompasses project management across a range of industries. You will learn a portfolio of project management techniques, including team leadership, and acquire the skills a project manager needs to ensure a project is delivered successfully, within time, cost and quality expectations. This wealth of transferable skills will prepare you to work on projects across all sectors.


Projects and project management are key elements in many managers’ lives.  Some organizations, particularly in the areas of consultancy and information technology, use projects as a normal mode of operations and virtually all organizations rely on projects to introduce new initiatives or one-off developments.  Even as a student, you are likely to find these techniques useful in managing your own efforts on projects such as assignments and your dissertation. The specialized management techniques developed for managing projects are useful across disciplines and in both public sector and industrial or commercial organizations.  A study of project management may provide key management skills that can be very usefully applied early in your professional career.

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