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A broad based program will be implemented at GMUL to strengthen undergraduate’s information research skills. Currently, there is no single required course that teaches in formation literacy skills to Imo State Polytechnic students. To remedy this, this project will develop and implement a two week course entitled “Introduction to Digital information Literacy” taught by the participants of the University of Iowa advanced training. These Digital Information Curriculum Development Officers will create a curriculum that can be replicated and disseminated throughout Nigeria.

The aim of the Introduction to Digital Information Literacy course is to equip students with information skills that they will apply to the research component of their coursework and to satisfy future research requirements with increased rigor. The students will be creating new materials. The World Wide Web, advances in electronic database technology, and a variety of full-text electronic resources have dramatically increased available resources and the complexity of library research. This new electronic environment requires additional training on how to find, evaluate, and use relevant information.

A unique feature of the course is that no textbook will be required. All necessary materials will be available online or by using of the eGranary Digital Library. The project will break new ground by bringing together faculty and librarians to develop new teaching materials and methods, focusing on selected courses, with the long-range goal of implementing a structured, coordinated approach to information literacy in the curriculum.

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