Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tel?

The Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) Centre is an innovative Public-Private Partnership initiative between Imo State Polytechnic and NetPro International Nigeria Limited.

What is blended learning? What are the benefits of Nexus Academy and blended learning?

Blended learning’s holistic approach helps each student thrive in the individual way that works best for him or her. With this combination of in-person and online instruction, students get both support and flexibility.


Can I pay online by Credit / Debit Card or by Bank transfer?



Do Blended learning students have same privileges as students studying full time


Do students need home Internet access?

You’ll need easy Internet access in your home for  online lessons that your student must complete away from campus.

What is the curriculum, and what subjects and electives are available?

The curriculum is line with NBTE approved curriculum as implemented in Imo State Polytechnic

Is the online portion led by a teacher as well, and is he or she certified just as an on-site teacher?

Yes. We have qualified course moderators to lead students both on campus and in the virtual classroom via our interactive Live Lesson sessions on our LMS. Students receive the same extensive support online from virtual teachers as they do on campus.

Who will award the diploma?

The diploma will be awarded by Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo

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