About Us

Netpro International Limited is into building the most credible brand in bespoke software and technology service provision in West Africa. Our Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) Centre in Public-Private Partnership initiative with Imo State Polytechnic is backed by renowned experts in various fields of learning.

About Us

The Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) Centre is an innovative Public-Private Partnership initiative between Imo State Polytechnic and NetPro International Nigeria Limited.

The sole objective of the Centre is to ‘Leverage Technology to Enhance Learning’.

Working very closely with senior management, academic staff of the Polytechnic, and strategic partners both in Nigeria and overseas, the TeL Centre uses a Blended Learning approach to help improve access to learning, and enhance the effectiveness of the teaching and learning experience of our students.

The Centre is focused on two key areas:

1.       Using TeL within the current academic framework to improve the quality of academic content delivery and assessment systems within the Polyechnic.

2.       Using TeL to improve access to quality education to  students outside of our current catchment area.

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